StoneCabin are a four-piece Americana band hailing from the south coast of the UK. With The Preacher’s vocal delivery, guitar sounds ranging from softly fingerpicked acoustics through to clanging, chiming electrics, and a driving rhythm section, they evoke classic bands such as The Tennessee Three and Neil Young as well as more recent acts like Wilco and Tyler Childers.

StoneCabin formed in late 2019, spent lockdown writing and arranging songs online, and only started playing in a room together from late 2021. Things started moving fast. StoneCabin recorded their first 3-song EP, Black Cactus in early 2022 with engineer/producer Jake Skinner at Brighton Road Studios in the rolling Sussex hills. Songs from Black Cactus quickly were picked up and playlisted on a number of Country stations in the UK, US and Germany.

A Philadelphia-based music blog, Call of the Wild, described StoneCabin as: “the dystopian desert bar rock of lore. They pack a lot of stylistic intention: strong whiskey soaked tones of Blues Rock, Classic Rock, Grunge, and Rockabilly. All spiced with a southern sensibility and delivered in tight arrangements.”

In late 2022, the band went back to Brighton Road Studios and recorded two new songs with Jake. ‘Nine Vicious Men’ was released on 16th January 2023, followed by ‘Branding Iron’ later in the year. These good ole’ time murder ballads form two parts of a story about a lynch mob who wrongfully murdered a father, and of the son’s eventual quest for revenge.

Having gained radio play and favourable reviews of Black Cactus in 2022, StoneCabin aim to record and release more songs in 2023, and to bring their distinct brand of Dark Americana out on the road.

StoneCabin are:

Vocal/Guitar – The Preacher – delivered from the StoneCabin pulpit; a name derived from his preacher-like, hillbilly revivalist vocal delivery.

Guitars – Stonepicking – derived from his picked melodic jangle slap back echo playing style. He has written more catchy guitar lines than a prickly pear has thorns.

Bass & keys – El Hombre Del Dia – having played for years on the Indie circuit both in the UK and in Texas, where he lived for a short time, his love of Line Dancing, Soft Rock, Mariachi and Country Music drove him to the door of StoneCabin and its dark form of Americana music. He also brings an ear for arranging and melodic keyboard skills.

Drums, percussion & vocals – The Midlands Man – who has walked a variety of musical paths both live and in the studio. He now contributes his beats to StoneCabin’s rhythmic foundation, along with percussion, backing vocals and high plains whistling.