Tim St.Clair

About Tim St.Clair:

I grew up the middle child, in a middle-class family. To understand me you would need insight on my family –

Father was a veteran, hardworking, God fearing, loyal family man. He is a reflection of what I consider Great! He told me “The greatest death would be losing your life to save another”

Mother was loving, hard working and loyal… she was also more devoted to herself.

Older brother always had the best and worst ideas that would end us up in the most possible trouble.

My little sister is and will always be the prettiest one, spoiled from birth – If she would have been the first child, I don’t think my parents would have had any more children. So, I’m glad she took her time.

I spent half my youth in the northern part of the country. This is when I lived on a small farm, bailed hay, slopped the hogs, shoveled the barn, picked fruits & veggies from the field– followed by my troubled teens when I moved south to Texas. At that time, I traveled the country during the summer working construction with my dad’s company. We built all kinds of metal and steel structures. This consisted of allot of metal roofs. I pretty much lived with a bunch of drifters in short term ghetto parks/motels.

When I turned 18 I joined the military to serve – wasn’t expecting to live till I was 30 so I wanted to get things going.
Throughout my life music has always been a mental escape for me. I was able to project my feelings and emotions through the songs I enjoyed.

I have done so many things in my life and held so many different jobs, still falling short of anything I was truly passionate. I always believed music was out of reach- until the day I didn’t.

Once I fully committed to my given passion (Passion, I believe God instills in each of us) a chance, music and opportunities started opening up. There was never a thought that this was going to be easy- but NOTHING in my life has ever come easy!

Music has been the biggest challenge I have taken on. It has also been the most rewarding!


Thing I enjoy:
* Family time- birthdays, vacations, parties, hanging out…
* Creating music, playing shows
* Working out – weights, wrestling, jiujitsu, boxing, swimming, etc.
* Motorcycle riding, Boating, skiing, canoeing, kayaking, etc.
* Camping, hiking, exploring
* Weapons- shooting, guns, archery, etc.
* Animals- dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, chinchilla’s, etc.

The music I create is a reflection on me and my personality. Each song has its own feeling. My hope is that it creates a positive, enjoyable, relatable impact on someone for the better!

I have been inspired by hundreds of artists throughout my life – still in no way would I try to imitate their work or sound.
I always look forward to a fan letting me know who they find me relatable to as an artist. Also, telling me which song is their favorite or they feel touched them emotionally.

In 2023, Tim released the single “Simple Song”. 

Tim says, “In writing ‘Simple Song’, my thoughts were reflected on the importance of words and how they can be
uplifting or detrimental in affecting life.

A word used in a positive/ negative way towards yourself, someone else, or something
can tend to have a great effect.

In saying that, this song is a reminder of all the great things most people in the world have experienced,
forgotten, or taken for granted. We should remind ourselves of the wonderful people, places, and things
around us that make life such a wonderful place. Whether it be incredible things you can do or things we can appreciate that others achieve.

Remember- we all live somewhere that someone else would enjoy visiting as a life experience.

Let positive words rule the day and use them to expand joy in the world and around yourself. Just as you would realise a disappointing event,  overcome your obstacles by clearing your mind of troubles and focusing on things that will benefit you and others.
We all enjoy being praised by others!

Be a blessing in someone else’s day/ life and extend a good word and allow your surrounding / world to
change- it costs you nothing….
I really hope this is the message I am getting across with the song.

“Simple Song” is a simple concept. I believe everyone is gifted in some way, shape, or form. Let your gifts shine and may others see you and commend you greatly with their words!

Tim’s 2023 song “It’s So Easy” is about looking at what you have and who you have it with and acknowledging how you have been blessed. 

Tim says, “Is life an uphill battle? Are the odds set against us? How high do the walls of self-protection need to
be? Or, are you just assuming too much?

“Nobody does it on their own and enjoys life to its full potential. A wonderful life is the time you spend while enjoying the wonderful people and world around you. Choose your life, make your choices, and ride the waves of life you can and will create. Do not assume too much, Love in the truest form, and stay the course. In doing just that much you may find – ‘It’s So Easy.'”

In October 2023, Tim released the single “Borrowed Time”.

Tim says, ‘Life seems to keep the day busy with, family, work, and social/personal events. Work is the time you dedicate towards sustaining things we do in our lives. Some jobs take people away from their homes for extended periods of time, missing out on life’s special events. This “Borrowed Time,” takes us away from what we really would rather be doing. “Borrowed Time,” is a song that reflects on the questions- when will I be done with giving up/ trading my time away and when will I get the luxury of getting back to my home. I dedicate this song to all of those working away from their true lives and wish them the best working through the “Borrowed Time.”’