Robbie Harte

Robbie Harte is an Award-Winning International Country Music Recording Artist, originally from Montreal, Canada. Known for her warm, rich vocals, emotional delivery, Robbie is described by fans as compelling, inspirational, and powerful.

Robbie Harte uses her inner strength and femininity to create music that connects and builds confidence in the listener. Her autobiographical stories often tell of overcoming adversity, turning her experiences into messages of hope that resonate with people everywhere.

As a young girl, Robbie always dreamed of being a professional singer. But that dream was put on hold fourteen years ago after a life-changing injury left her with chronic pain, and also resulted in the loss of her ability to sing. Ultimately however, it was music that helped her heal the most. She credits music for soothing her soul and giving her the strength and determination to push through, even during the most difficult of times. It was music that gave Robbie a voice, which she is determined to use to uplift and inspire others.

In 2017, Robbie was compelled to follow her dream to sing, no matter how difficult it may be. She was inspired and motivated by the desire to show her young daughter (who was diagnosed with Autism) that a disability should never stop her from chasing her dreams.

Following an incredible journey over the past five years, Robbie Harte put a stamp on the country music scene with the release of her single ‘17’ in 2020 after deciding to follow her dream of becoming a professional singer/songwriter. Since then, she has hit the number 1 spot numerous times, has been nominated for multiple Josie Music Awards, and in 2022, won 2 ISSA Awards. 

Now she is ready to take her career to the next level with ‘Sticks and Stones’, an anthemic and powerful song that will have country fans singing along in full voice. This is a track that is going to ignite a spark in many.