Good Thinking

GOOD THINKING is led by British country music singer/songwriter Marc Ring.

The band was originally formed in the mid 1970’s. In the 80’s & 90’s the members of the band went their own way with varying levels of success.Marc Ring continued working in country music, having songs published in Australia and Germany.The band’s drummer Mark Evans moved to the USA and found fame with American rock band Warrior Soul. After leaving Warrior Soul, Mark Evans returned to the UK but was tragically murdered in 2005. The four remaining members of GOOD THINKING reformed in 2011 to record a tribute song to their ex-member and friend.

The song “Warrior Soul” is written by Marc Ring and has been well received by many in the music business.

The band’s new recordings are written and produced by Marc Ring. “Where This Journey Takes Me” and “Tell Me” mix both the bands country and rock background.

The two tracks are taken from the Album “Turning The Clock Back” and are available from our Online Music Store, as well as from Amazon and I-Tunes.

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