Idyllwild Roads

Idyllwild Roads is an alt-country/Americana duo formed in November 2023. Nyree Williams is a singer-songwriter of some reknown on the London “Indie” circuit. Influenced by traditional country, Nyree is known for her dark and sometimes darkly comic songs. Gram  is the singer-songwriter behind his alter ego Tupelo Lime, as whom he has been writing and performing across Europe and the UK. In 2023 Gram was a nominated finalist for the Nashville-based Josie Music Awards for both Song of the Year and Songwriter Achivement, and with his backing band a nominated finalist for the UK Country Group of the Year award. 

In February 2024, Idyllwild Roads released “Up I Stood”. The song is both modern in its production and traditional in its tale – a story of loss, love and death (and a dash of trailer park living). Written By Gram, the song was produced by Alexander Banks at Drill Hall Studios and performed by the duo with session musicians Mike Barber on slide and Jamie Scott on bass.

Gram said: “Three chords and the truth – we wanted a song that was both bittersweet and told a hard truth about loss and the death of a loved one, that  you always blame yourself, and everything you see: the sun, the sky, the weather, the home, is coloured by that truth for a long time.” The song is available from all good streaming sites and Bandcamp.