Sean T MacLeod

Sean T MacLeod is a former and founding member of the Dublin-based band Cisco. Having recorded with U2’s one-time producer Paul Barrett, the band achieved critical acclaim in their home country as well as serious interest abroad with their album No 1. Since the split of the band, Sean has been recording and releasing his own solo work which includes numerous singles and three albums of entirely original music. 

Sean’s style is influenced by the sound of many sixties groups such as the Beatles, the Beach Boys and Motown but also merges other styles like folk and classical, and even elements of the Avant Garde.

While Sean always tries to build his music around catchy pop melodies and interesting harmonic structures, the lyrics often present a much more philosophical, even spiritual dimension to the songs.

Sean released his new single ‘Let the Light In’ in February 2024 and a new album is also due for release in summer 2024 called “That’s When the Earth becomes a Star” as well as an album of experimental music called “We Don’t See What That We Don’t See”.

Spotlight UK Artist interview: February 2024