Dan Ferguson

Dan Ferguson writes and records a country and blues mashup with thought-provoking lyrics and a distinctive vocal style. His influences include John Prine, Gillian Welch, Townes Van Zandt, Buck Owens, and George Jones.

After the successful release of ‘Disguise’ for Camden’s Spiritual Records back in October 2020, Dan Ferguson released the stunning single ‘The Amusement Park’ at the end of January 2023.

This is Dan’s debut single for indie country label Rodeo Records. His ongoing collaboration with music producer Rodeo Jones has led to a unique sound which is set to become one of the label’s trademarks. The Amusement Park has a haunted sound which blends surreal lyrics and authentic country production techniques, creating a feeling of warped nostalgia.

Dan and Rodeo met in a bar in London where they were both playing country songs. After Dan’s performance he was approached by a fella who called himself Rodeo Jones. He said he was eager to produce some of my songs. He was visiting London as a tourist and it turned out he lived on a ranch on the Mexican border. 

Dan and Rodeo kept in touch – Dan emailed music which Rodeo would work on. Now he has revived his old record label. Rodeo Records and this is Dan’s debut single for the label. Rodeo was watching the film ‘Carnival of Souls’ a week before DDan sent over this new track. ‘The Amusement park’ echoed the film to some degree: the warped nostalgia, the old haunted structures, a ride which goes round and round. It’s fun until you realise you’ve been on the ride too long. However, by that time it’s too late…