SHIMEON (Simon Peter Sutherland) was born during the winter of 1973 in Salford. His mother, a Christian singer, and his father, a lay preacher, encouraged Simon to pursue his gifts at an early age within the fields of music, faith and entertainment. His atmospherical childhood joyfully embraced Biblical principles and reverberated with the sounds of everything from Country music to pop, easy listening to folk.

Shimeon pays tribute to great songwriters such as Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. He says “”Without such musicians and songwriters, I would never have been remotely interested in either listening to music or composing music””.

In 1997, Shimeon recorded his unofficial debut album “”Behind The Soomer Sun””. This album has been re-released in 2010 as “”Behind The Soomer Sun ‘Revived'”” and is now on general release through iTunes and Amazon.

Today, Shimeon employs his craft not primarily as a musician, songwriter, poet or artist, but as a theologian. He is an honest craftsman and a lover of truth, honesty and the dignity that lies beneath integrity. His composition cries out for the goodness in the reformed man, the desired honesty and plain truth so painfully to the point. Somewhere between the integrity of words and composition, you know that every last syllable is steeped in sincerity.

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