Phil Wilde

Phil Wilde was born in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland to a family of musicians and moved to Camden Town, London at the age of two. By the age of eleven he had joined his brother’s band playing rhythm guitar in pubs and clubs across the UK.

While at school, Phil started his own band called Salamanda Grass and they stayed together long after the school day ended, gaining a great reputation as a top covers in and around London.

Many years later Phil joined an Irish folk/country band called Wilde and Free as a bass guitarist and was voted second best bass player on the Irish circuit.

After the band split, he started his own Irish/rock band called The Faintin’ Goats which recorded three highly successful albums and had five hits in the Irish charts. They toured all over the UK and Ireland and played support to many top Irish bands such as Big Tom and the Mainliners, The Pogues and Declan Nerney.

Phil moved to Wales in 2006 and formed a pop covers band called The Source playing pubs and clubs, and in 2015 moved to Holmfirth, West Yorkshire and formed a new covers band called Bash The Bishop playing everything from pop, rock, reggae, punk, ska, country, Irish and Rock & Roll in pubs and clubs every weekend.

During lockdown, Phil started writing songs for a solo seven track EP, released it in 2022 and received high acclaim on the Irish/country scene.

Phil is releasing a seven-track EP “It Was Me” raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support. The EP includes the singles “Everywhere” and “Seasons”.