Clive Rose

Clive Rose began his musical life as a drummer for a Coventry band called Free Fall many years ago.

He always enjoyed writing songs, but, as a drummer was limited to lyrics. He eventually taught himself how to play the guitar which helps with his songwriting.

As Clive’s songs progressed, he moved on to the recording side of things and used a home-based digital studio to lay a few tracks down.

Clive was then lucky enough to secure a distribution deal with Horus Music and in 2008 his first mini-album ”South Winds“ was released.

The follow-up album “But, That’s Just Me“ came out in December 2010. They are both available on iTunes and other good download sites with the CD copy of the album also available from our Online Music Store.

Horus Music produced a promo album of its artists which went out to Japan. Include Clive recording a short message saying “Hello” in Japanese, to support it, which can be found on YouTube.

Clive’s third album “And Then Some…” was released in the summer of 2012. Several of the songs were inspired by the mystique and magical places he has visited in Cornwall.

Clive’s fourth album “Changing” was released in early 2013. The title track tells of someone mixed up and fighting with their inner self. They are tired of listening to people telling them that they need to change. Instead, they want to be true to themselves.

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Since the album “Changing”, Clive has released the following singles:

Chasing Dreams
If Only

Not Alone – written about Freddie Mercury
Come With Me – featured in Clive’s wife Bett’s latest book. It also features “Unplugged” and two other previously-released tracks “Make It Count” and Tell Me”

The Sad Man

Changing – new version
Born Back In 61

My Hero – Clive began writing the track but his dad was really poorly and he was finding it difficult to make it work. The unthinkable then happened and he lost his battle, which really affected the whole family and then the song just happened, coming from the heart.

Towards the end of 2019, Clive released the single “Broken”.

Emerald Veins
Lies & Shadows

It’s Kinda New

A Town Like This – the song is about someone thinking about their town or city, and how it used to be: an industrial town, the hustle and bustle, misty streets, an old lamp post casting shadows, walking hand in hand in the rain, and growing up and seeing it change – the industry gone, and now in the twilight years, all alone, remembering what it was like, walking hand in hand, in a town like this.