Paul Martin & Blueridge

With a career in country music spanning almost 30 years, PAUL MARTIN nowsets out on a new venture with his band BLUERIDGE. A 5-piece band ofseasoned musicians featuring Alan Moulding – bass, Graham Clare – drums,Pete Felters – lead guitar and Allan Watkiss – keyboards. The band is alreadyreceiving much acclaim in the music press after launching in May 2019.

After 10 years of success with Red Rock County which took on board manyhigh profile supports for artists such as Billy Yates (the guy who has writtennumerous hits for artists such as George Strait and many more), Paul left theband to pursue his solo career lasting 9 years which resulted in workoverseas and the offer of a six-week tour of New Zealand and four albums. Duringthis time, Paul received a telephone call out of the blue from AssociateProducer, Dominic Pisani of The Voice inviting him to take part in the showbut due to work commitments decided not to take up this offer.

After a well-earned 2-year rest, Paul rekindled his musical relationship withAllan Watkiss and after several false starts put together Blueridge. The quality ofmusicianship and tight range harmony is the solid feature of their liveshows. Here’s looking to a bright future.