Rocky Road Ramblers

Jonny and Lynnette have become a winning formula on the country music scene since they combined their solo careers to become a duo back in 2009 and since then have never looked back winning both solo and duo awards.””

With their passion and love for traditional country and rockabilly music The ROCKY ROAD RAMBLERS were

They initially got together for a one off show at Walesby’s Golden Buckle festival in the summer of 2017 and from that performance one thing led to another and before the band knew it they found themselves on the road heading up and down the country playing venues and festivals.

The band members are Jonny, who takes lead and harmony vocals and with his Gretsch guitar he adds rhythm and lead guitar work to their sound.

Next up we introduce Lynnette with her double bass named ‘Maybelle’. Lynnette takes care of the slappin’ and a ‘ pluckin’ of the bass notes and also shares lead and harmony vocals.

The husband and wife team are proud to be joined by Adrian, Lynnette’s younger brother, who with his slick lead guitar licks and awesome lap steel playing really brings this band to life.

Last but by no means least sitting pretty on the drums, the girl with rhythm running through her veins we introduce Jonny’s daughter Sophie.

Playing country and rockabilly music from legends such as the grandaddy himself Hank Williams and the lively BR549 they also include sweet songs from greats such as Patsy Cline and Wanda Jackson to name just a few.

The Rocky Road Ramblers released their debut album “”In The Jailhouse Now”” in 2018. The title track was originally written and recorded in 1928 by the yodelling brakeman Jimmie Rodgers.

It went on to be a hit for Webb Pierce in the 50’s and also featured in the film ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou’ in 2000 but it was after hearing a version of the song by Texas recording artist Dale Watson, that the band fell in love with the track and decided to record it themselves.

The band plays the song with such energy and it is always a favourite at their live shows with Jonny Williams taking the lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Lynnette Marie slapping the double bass and adding harmony vocals, Adrian Marsh rocking the Lap Steel and lead guitar and Sophie O’ Shea keeping a solid beat on the drums.

The band headed to Memphis in early 2019 to the legendary ‘Sun Recording Studios’ where they recorded their second album ‘The Sun Session’. It was a real adventure for the four to be recording where some of country music’s greats have cut records like Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and not forgetting the King Elvis Presley.

When Jonny first came up with the idea of heading 4,283 miles across the world to Memphis, Tennessee to record an album at the legendary Sun Studio they all thought he’d gone mad but thankfully they followed his dream and had what turned out to be one of the best experiences of their lives! With a combined love of Rock n Roll, Country and Rockabilly music they wanted to honour the legends that have influenced and shaped them as musiciansso all of the songs on the album are songs that were either recorded at SunStudio or fromartists that were once signed by the great man himself,Mr SamPhillips.

The walk from Beale Street to Union Avenue was one of excitement mixed with ever increasing wavesof nerves at the thought of the ‘once in a life time’experience they were about to have recording their selection ofsongs butnothing could really prepare themfor what wasabout tohappen.

First they were led through the front office,stillas itwas when Marion KeiskerandlaterSallyWilbourn would havesat typingat theirdesk withartists such as Elvis andWarrenSmithrecording inthe nextroom. They were then taken into the studio itself, the room where it all happened – the magic and atmosphere still in the air where Jerry Lee Lewis made history rocking the piano to Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On and Great Balls of Fire, the room where Carl Perkins recorded Blue Suede Shoes, the very room Johnny Cash wandered into as a young man with the ‘Tennessee Two’ hoping the legendary producer would sign them to his label and make them stars.

Stepping through the door The Rocky Road Ramblers all found themselves taking a deep breath, their hearts beating out of our chests, feeling totally overwhelmed by the pictures of Roy Orbison, Charlie Rich and The Million Dollar Quartet watching over them.They were actually there!

The band’s main aim was to stay true to the 50’s Sun sound and make the album exactly how it would have been made back in the day. It was all recorded completely live, using vintage equipment, instruments and techniques just the way it was done over sixty years ago with no over dubs, touch ups or wizardry, as you will hear in the out takes!

The session was over all too soon but once back in the UK the recordings were sent to a man who quite simply lives, eats and sleeps music, Boz Boorer, musical director for the artist ‘Morrissey’ and guitarist from the 80’s rockabilly band ‘The Polecats’, incidentally the band who first switched Jonny onto rockabilly music when he was a teenager. Boz worked his magic along with their usual producer James Bennett and the album was complete.

The band would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming response and encouragement they have received since their first performance and can’t wait to see everyone on the trail.

The Rocky Road Ramblers simply want to play their brand of music and in their own words ‘have a good time all the time!’

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