Marc Shadow

Florian Warnecke Fotografie

Marc Shadow was born in Hamburg, Germany and has been playing bass since the age of 11, turning professional eight years later. He has performed on large stages and recorded for several well-known artists in large studios.

He ran his own recording studio for a decade, wrote songs for the HSV football club and sang live in front of 40-thousand fans at the Volksparkstadium.

Marc recalls how, five years ago, he heard the Tim McGraw/Faith Hill duet “It’s Your Love”. “The moment I heard and sang this wonderful song for the first time, my knot fell apart. I realised this is my style of music. It was the moment I fell in love with country music.”

Marc got four buzzers at the auditions at The Voice of Switzerland in 2020. He sang “I Won’t Let You Go” by British artist James Morrison. 

A short time later Marc was discovered by Nashville published songwriter Philip David Harris on the Internet. The two musicians immediately felt sympathy for each other and decided to produce a single that was penned by Phillip. 

The instrumentalists and producer who recorded the new single are all professional musicians from the US Country scene and have played for musicians like Kid Rock, Kenny Rogers, Clay Walker, Craig Morgan and Kelly Pickler. The result is the new single of Marc Shadow: “I hope you hear this song”.