Tupelo Lime

Tupelo Lime is an alt-country rock band. British-formed and American-raised, Tupelo Lime’s sound is influenced by Los Angeles, Laurel Canyon, and the Southern California country rock scene, that magical blend of acoustic country, country rock and and blues. Modern Alt-country rock imbibed with the music of Jackson Browne, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, The Marshall Tucker Band, Buffalo Springfield, Poco, Manassas, and The Grateful Dead amongst others.

In 2021 in the midst of the pandemic Tupelo Lime released “DUST”- an EP of raw, stripped-back acoustic Americana. With life and music slowly recovering Tupelo Lime has reverted back to its Southern California country rock roots with “Roanoke”, an album reflecting on American life. From Appalachia through the Deep South into Chicago and on to the West coast, songs based on affliction and addiction, loss, spiritual belief, hardship, joy, love and death.

Tupelo Lime have a history of writing what Janis Joplin called “songs of social impact”.  Their 2023 release “High Heels in a Rustbelt Town” is the story of those folks who live in the areas of the USA that have fallen into decline, their hardships and the joy that all can find even in the midst of a hard life.