RENEGADE is from Vancouver in Canada. The lineup includes:

Marty Sippola – vocals
Jim Buckshon – bass, guitar, keyboards, drum programming
Geraldo Dominelli – guitar, backing vocals
Paul Minshall – backing vocals
Keith Scott – guitar solo

They released the albums “Back From The Dead” in 2001 and “On The Edge” in 2004.

The EP, “The Story of My Life”. released on Renegade Sounds, started off as a collection of unfinished demos and was lost for a while before being rediscovered in 2015. Rather than recording it as a brand new album, the band realised the original recordings had a certain freshness and innocence and the decision was made to continue with it. 

The Renegade lineup from the “Back From the Dead” album was reassembled to finish this record, along with guest guitarist Keith Scott (from Bryan Adams).