McDade is a country singer songwriter from the North East of England. “He was born Country”.

McDade has been writing songs for the last 5 years, honing his craft and skills in the art of delivering a good story and tale with the infectious melodies that resound throughout the history of the country music industry, hublot replica watches and yet he still brings a fresh approach with his own style of conveying the Songs.

McDade joined the Boomchang Record stable 3 years ago and has been developing the recording and performance side of the songs. There have been several digital online and CD releases.

The first release was a 5-track EP called “”The Early Sessions””. The EP shows the raw talent of the songwriting with a very traditional country approach.Click to get The Early Sessions EP from iTunes“”””

At Christmas 2016, McDade wrote a song that was released as a digital download only, for the Cancer Researchtrust entitled “Tears”. The story is based on real-life experience after the loss of his mother through this awfuldisease and offers a different outlook on the traditional Christmas song.
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In the last 3 years McDade has been performing mainly in the northeast and has even opening for some well-known artists including Larkin Poe and George Borowski.

In April 2017, his debut album “”Greatest Hits Vol 1″” was launched at Cluny 2 Newcastle with a full 7-piece band.

McDade’s first single from the album, “”Jenny Too Hot”” reached number 1 in the HotDisc Top 40 Country Chart.

McDade says… “”I am a singer-songwriter, born with a song in my heart and I believe a gift made for giving. I am truly in lovewith the way country songs are written, produced and performed, the instruments used and the need to listento the stories and lyrics; for me it hits the heart hard. I love this and believe I can and will offer this within the passion of my songs. The songs have their own character, some of which I have been involved in first hand or have been in and around me and of course, some pure fiction.

“”I just really try to put my mindset into how someone would act or feel when I write, some songs are happy, somereally sad. I just like to try and touch every emotion and I have a huge passion for this and my goal is to succeed as asongwriter and above all have the world hear my songs. I like to think there is room for everybody with a tale and a dream.””

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