Shell Dais

Shell Dais is a German born and raised cowgirl from a small town in East Germany called Chemnitz. Shell loves nature and grew up in a household surrounded by lots of radio and music. She lived in the countryside and spent lots of time watching trains come and go with her cousins. Shell was only 2 years old was when she started singing along in the backseat of the car to music on the radio – not even realising she was singing in English.

Shell began writing her first songs after school when she was around twelve years old. She plays five instruments – banjo, guitar, mandolin, piano and ukulele – and writes songs in a country/dream-pop/Americana style.

Shell’s music is influenced by Taylor Swift, Kacey Musgraves, The Japanese House, Kelsea Ballerini, Raelynn, Ruthie Collins and Taylor Edwards, 80s/90s radios hits, early 2000s and Americana movie soundtracks such as Dawson’s Creek and Heartland but also indie music and traditional country which captures the storytelling most importantly like Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline. She’s definitely a mix of all sorts of music styles and genres making it her very own genre but very dreamy. 

Her passion for now is producing music with producers but in the future she would love to produce her own records or for other artists. 

In March 2022, Shell released the two-track EP “Fleeting Love”. It’s a two-song chapter story Ep featuring the songs “Sparked That Night” and “Intervention (Sheep Song)”

The story tells of a moment in time when you meet someone for the first time and you’re bedazzled with this sparkly feeling, very whimsical and fairytale-like love at first sight & then fall in love with them but later find out that this love only lasted a short time, a fleeting moment, and it all went downhill which later on tells it in the Sheep Song about how the relationship breaks down because both sides of the love don’t want to address the truth and don’t want to hear it – acting “blind as a sheep”.