The Sonny Walters Band

THE SONNY WALTERS BAND were born out of a studio album, with friends and session players bringing Sonny’s song’s to life.

To take these songs to live performance Sonny recruited players with a deep love of country and a wealth of experience.

JIMI JOYCE on bass and vocals.. Jimi is a front man in his own right and with his talent and energy has supported the project from day !

RICH BATEMAN (Rich B) played his drums on the album, his rock feel and edge was always the beating heart of the live performance vision.

RICHIE JONES (Richie J) Guitar and Vocals, Richie has played major venues all across Britain and Europe and oozes class in a horizontally laid back fashion.

The band have been working hard in rehearsals and have been playing out live from May 2013 as a four piece with guests joining them on stage at the different events and venues.

The Sonny Walters Band have also played the main stage at the Americana Festival Saturday 2013 which was recorded by as part of their live broadcast of the event

The Sonny Walters Band’s album “I Think I’ve Gone Country” was released on Goldstone Records GS001 in 2013.It is a fine mix of songs with hopefully something for everyone.

The pre-release reviews by fans were overwhelming and the band thank them all for the kind words and goodwill messages.

“Stone Rollin’ Home” was the first song written for the album and really set the ball rollin’ and the “bar” high..!

Sonny wrote this song about working away from home and being too far from his lady.

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