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p> RANVEIG SELJEMARK is a singer and songwriter living in Trondheim, Norway, but comes originally from the small place Vik i Helgeland on the coast in the north of Norway. She has been a vocalist for many years, singing in many different bands. She has even toured all over Norway with an ABBA tribute band! Ranveig and her vocalist sister Mildrid also have a band called Seljemark, with songs composed by Ranveig´s husband Kjetil Sandnes. Seljemark has released four albums over the last years.””

Ranveig has also been a backing singer for many of Norway´s most famous artists, and she has had the opportunity to work with international artists such as Nik Kershaw, Chris Thompson (Manfred Mann), Paul Jones (Manfred Mann), Joe Lynn Turner (Deep Purple, Rainbow), Tony Carey (Planet P Project, Rainbow), Never the Bride, Mike Sanchez, and many more.

It was very natural for Ranveig to choose the music genre Americana for her solo project, as she has always loved listening to the great singers and songwriters representing this genre.

She is inspired by singers and musicians like Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss, Eva Cassidy, Linda Ronstadt, Lyle Lovett, and Ry Cooder, and bands like Little Feat, the Eagles, Little River Band, Doobie Brothers, and Dixie Chicks.

Even though Ranveig has always been a singer, she has not always been a songwriter. Two years ago she decided to start writing her own songs, but didn’t quite know how to get started. But after watching a Norwegian talkshow where one of the guests was a young man who told his story about how he had to flee from the dangers in his homeland, she got inspired to write the song “”Miles Away From Home””, which is her debut single as a solo artist and a songwriter.

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The musicians contributing on “”Miles Away From Home”” are:
Øyvind Smidt – violin, mandoline, and background vocals
Kriss Stemland – banjo, dobro, acc. guitar, and background vocals
Kjetil Sandnes – bass and background vocals
Stian Lundberg – drums

Sound engineer and co producer is Håvard Soknes
Mastering: Morten Stendahl

Ranveig has continued writing songs. She has recorded some of them in Sørgården studio, just outside of Trondheim, with some of Norway´s finest musicians (including husband and bassist Kjetil, who also has assisted in arranging the songs). She will release these songs digitally as singles every other month throughout 2017.

The second single to be released, in June 2017, was “”Louis””. It’s a song for the summer season, celebrating the beautiful month of June, as well as a story of everlasting love.

The third single, released in September 2017, was “”Walls Of Jericho””. It was written by Renveig’s husband Kjetil Sandnes, who also plays bass on her recordings and arranges the songs. Ranveig loved it from the first time she heard it – describing how the melody follows the chords in such an elegant way. Shelovesthe chord progressions.

The song is about moving on after overcoming the sorrow of a relationship that has ended.

In 2018, Ranveig released “”BeautifulMind””-a song about how youngpeople who areleftout and feeldifferentfrom thetherest, often arethe ones whoaccomplish beautiful and great thingslater in life. In ordertogetthe feelingof takingoff and fly into a promising future, the refrain is composed like a nostalgic Evergreen from the movies of the 40s. Violins, mandolin, and a light electric guitar theme also create this dreamlike atmosphere. The video to the song shows a collage of nature photos taken in the autumn of 2017 in the mountains of Røros and in the forests and by the lakes in Ranveig´s neighborhood in Trondheim, Norway.

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