The Westlands

The Westlands are a UK-based country group from the West Midlands. Emma Norman and Steve Nunn worked together for years as songwriters working on tons of projects before finally deciding to join forces and create The Westlands. 

They are heavily influenced by both Nashville country and UK rock and like to flip and sometimes merge the two genres. 

In September 2023, The Westlands released the single “Whaddya Say?”.

The song is about someone who never saw themselves as the marrying kind, but that all changes when they found the right person. The song also goes into the conversation and pressure of asking the bride’s father for his approval. The band hopes people will be playing the uplifting song at weddings for many years to come.  

The music for “Whaddya Say?” was produced by Jake Angel Beats, a producer from Leeds who now is plying his trade in Nashville, living the dream. The lyrics and vocals were produced by Steven Nunn and Emma Norman of The Westlands. 

In February 2024, The Westlands released “Last First Date”, a song for anyone who has reluctantly or not put themselves on dating apps! It is about the gauntlet of red flags that comes with swiping left and right and the feeling when the right one comes along.