Daniel Artiček-Dane

One day, standing beside a huge CNC lathe, Slovenian Daniel Artiček-Dane suddenly felt a thought and wrote it down on a dirty wall. It turns out it was a poem. His first one. That year in 2011, he wrote eighty more. Five years later, he had already published the third printed edition of poems collections and recorded
more than 50 songs and 1 album (Slep). 

It takes almost thirty years, for a drummer who sold his drum set for the sake of surviving and went to work an everyday job, to finally became what he really is – a poet, singer-songwriter and performer – chansonier. You can’t cheat fate. At least not forever.

So, in his fifties, Daniel began to write the poems and music gathered in his soul. His poetry and songs express a unique cocktail of meditative tranquility and satiric, joyful and/or realistic songs of everyday life. His original, gentle melodies are pleasant, poems brings understanding, acceptance, consolation and finally – relaxation tranquility to the listener. There has been wide interest in his music from people of all generations – aged from 12 to 85.  His music reflects many styles and genres. However his personal, minimalistic expression is “the salt of the earth” in chanson, country, rock, folk, etc.

In addition to solo performances on local stages, with his, at the time group ŠanSončki, he also performed on widely-known stages such as “Cafe Galeria Piran”, “Blunout club” in Domžale and “Rotovž” in Kamnik. His performance at the international singer-songwriter festival Exposure Music Festival 2019, in Croatia, also brought him recognition in the region and invitations to new gigs. He performed solo at the international public opening of the first Slovenia “Statue of Liberty”, which was reported by media from all over the World.

Daniel likes to remember the very first recording session for the album “Slep” working with guitarist Marino Mrčela and well-known music arranger Dušan Zore. After Daniel sang few words, Dušan, also the sound engineer, stopped recording and said to him, “Well, well, Dane! Easy! You don’t have to yell that much! We do have a microphone…!” They continued recording with a lot of laughter.

Daniel loves the interweaving of photography, graphic and industrial design, video, music, woodworking and farming. He had a few chickens, sheep and llamas for a while for the sake of eco-pasture on domestic grassland – though he never ate any of them. He gave them away to neighbour, because a rooster was present on every demo tape, joining the music with its loud and proud “kukurikuuuu…”!

Daniel has a whole bunch of songs and stories in the works. Many of them have already been published in printed editions of poetry collections. The fourth one is on the way along with new singles and EP releases.