Ronnie Baker

RONNIE BAKER is from North Carolina in the US. He released his self-titled debut album in 2007 and in 2009 the album was released in the UK.

In 2007, we featured “”Somebody Stole The Sun”” over and over, but don’t be fooled into believing this is just another CD with one good song on it.

Baker’s album is full of great music, and he manages to bring us ballads and up-tempo songs with the same zeal and love of singing that is one of his hallmarks. In 2009, Ronnie released the album in the UK, giving us another opportunity to feature it, and in particular the great track Urban Cowboy Wannabe.

While Somebody Stole The Sun deserves the accolades it has been receiving, don’t pass up “”One Bar Town”” or “”All I Can Do Is Love You””. Both are great indicators that Baker’s new album is going to take the country music world by storm.

“”From The Bottom Of My Heart,”” another track on this CD shows Baker’s talent to the fullest, providing the listener with a picture painted in music and vocals.Baker, who is no stranger to the charts, with “”Somebody Stole the Sun”” breaking into the top 200 of Billboard, is rapidly getting attention on both terrestrial and Internet radios as someone to take seriously.His rich tones, and his energetic performance on each track makes this a great CD and one worthy of any serious country music fan.It’s not just one good song on a full CD, it’s solid music for the entire album

In 2007, Ronnie charted in the top 200 country chart on Billboard and Music Row charts with Somebody Stole The Sun and now that great song and several others from his new album are charting all over the place.

Ronnie Baker sings traditional country on the album, though songs like “”One Bar Town”” wouldn’t be too out of place on contemporary country radio. Baker, while supplementing steel with electric guitar, is never quite as over-the-top as the radio’s current heart throbs. A song like “”All I Can Do Is Love You”” is a tasteful, easy-flowing love song with fiddles and a gentle backbeat; “”Urban Cowboy Wanna Be”” moves to a medium-tempo boogie, updating Jimmy Buffett’s “”Brand New Country Star.”” “”Urban Cowboy Wanna Be”” also qualifies as Baker’s comment on the less-than-genuine propagators of country. The acoustic-electric band arrangements are well done, and carefully chosen to fit each song. Baker’s also a soulful singer, quite at home with the chosen material. For those disillusioned with contemporary quality but not quite ready to jump on the alternative bandwagon, Ronnie Baker has put together an enjoyable, well-made country album. ~ Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr., All Music Guide

Passion is a key ingredient when it comes to making dreams a reality. Ronnie Baker is passionate about music and he conveys that passion to his audiences, whether it’s in a live performance or on record.

That passion came through when Ronnie’s song, “”Somebody Stole The Sun,”” won WKRO’s “”The Showdown In KRO-Town”” for five days in a row, beating out such national favorites as Keith Urban. The song went into regular rotation at the station and when he played at The Barn in Sanford, Fl., over 1,300 people stood in line to get into the show. “”Somebody Stole The Sun”” was Ronnie’s first single from his self-titled CD project.

Baker is a natural on stage. It’s a second home to him as he works the audience into a frenzy on the fast numbers and slows them down for one of his signature ballads. His timing is impeccable and the audience rides the waves of emotion with him as he takes them through his repertoire of original tunes.

Ronnie is now signed to Cashbox Records Inc.

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