Sassy VeZay

Sassy VeZay will debut her first country radio single “Slow Dance” in January 2021. The singer and songwriter is in a league of her own with many talented hit songs, with “Slow Dance” being the first to be released to radio.

The artist stated that she cannot wait to release her songs to radio, as she has been waiting for this moment for a long time. She thinks of all the people who have held her back, a circumstance which can be a real burden for a talented and passionate musician. She also talks very positively about 2021, feeling that, after all this time, she will finally be able to shine, find her own place in the world.

Sassy’s love for music began with Olivia Newton-John and Shania Twain. She is very clear about that, as she states that they both inspired her and helped her to become the singer and songwriter she is today. Sassy started her music career as a Shania Twain tribute artist but realised she was destined for more as a writer and singer.

On top of a difficult year of Covid, Sassy lost both her parents and her fiance but found inspiration pressing forward in writing and recording and carrying out her dreams. Despite being held back as she claims she was, she has never stopped during this difficult year, and there is no doubt that her contribution to country music has been remarkable so far.


“Slow Dance” proves, without any doubt, Sassy’s talent both as a singer and as a songwriter. The artist’s voice perfectly fits the style of this amazing single, whose driving rhythm really does its part in entertaining the audience. All that makes “Slow Dance” extremely addictive, you never get tired of listening to it.

Sassy VeZay is now ready to rise and shine, and she probably will not stop anytime soon.

Interview with Allan Watkiss – March 2021