Fred Kinsey I I I

p> FRED KINSEY III, lives in Derbyshire, and has been writing songs for more than 15 years. He likes traditional country music, or what he calls “”real country””. Fred used to be a performing artist but now runs his own business and has lots of other “”irons in the fire””. So he has no time to play publicly these days. Fred still likes writing and playing music; hence his album “”Country Like It Used To Be””.

“”I wanted to get my songs into the wider domain,”” Fred says. “”I’d had a couple of studio demos made of some of my songs, but they never seemed to get them just how I wanted them. So, I decided to do it myself,”” he added. “”I hope you like the results!””

And Fred’s always happy to team up with other songwriters. “” If there are any songwriters out there who like my style of song and would maybe like to collaberate, I have lots of ideas and part written songs which could possibly benefit from another ‘brain’ as it were.

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