Anna Mae

Anna Mae is a singer and songwriter in music genres such as Americana, rock, blues and French Chanson. She was born in 1990 in the countryside of Lucerne, where she still is living today and writing songs. Touring not only her home country Switzerland but also countries like France, England or North America, Anna Mae is proud of her artistic work. She was showcased at Canadian Music Week 2018 in Toronto, where she was offered to perform a selection of gigs. Other highlights in her musical career was the tour through the Midwest of the USA, and her artistic residency in Chicago during four months in winter 2022/23.

Anna Mae stands for woman power, depth, and diversity. She says: “leave no stone unturned in trying to fulfill your dreams, everything is possible if you truly believe it“. Anna Mae, having been inspired by artists such as Tina Turner, Johnny Cash and Edith Piaf, sings about love, freedom and peace, about the pursuit of happiness and the world today.

In 2016, she quit her job as a secretary to fully commit herself to what she loves the most, music. Ever since she was a child, Anna Mae’s only dream was to sing for the world. She never gave up on this vision which led her to become an independent artist and earning her money with her very passion, the singing & songwriting.

After having released her EP “Let It Roll” in 2016 and her duet single with Chrigel Zenger “River” in 2018, Anna Mae eventually came up with her first full “Out Of The Woods” which was released during the pandemic in 2021. The album proves that during the past years, Anna Mae has grown and developed herself as well as her music. She is ready to take another step forward towards higher goals and is showing, stronger than ever, the ambition to never let go of her very passion. She released the country ballad “To Love You” in May 2022. 

The single “Hey Les Amis” was released in May 2023. The song is a combination of two iconic styles Americana and French Chanson showcasing what was to come on Anna Mae’s “Chansons de Nadja Bernadette” which was released in October 2023. 


The EP is a collection of original songs in French. The title refers to Anna Mae’s real name that she was born with back in 1990 in the countryside of Lucerne, Switzerland. The record shows a different, more private side of hers. She fell in love with the French language during her childhood which she’d spent on a farm in France.

Anna Mae says, “I’d like to show my appreciation to the producer and musicians of this EP. Your talent made it possible for me to bring my songs alive. I also would like to thank Jamie Gannon in Chicago for the graphics, and Justine Rutz in Switzerland for the photograph inside the booklet. Last but not least, I’d like to thank all the people working for the media (radio, tv, digital, print, etc.), thank you for taking the time to read this information and forward it to my future fans.”

Countless gigs have turned Anna Mae into an authentic, versatile and experienced artist who’s learned to reach people’s hearts not only with her songs, but also with her positive energy and a voice full of emotion. Anna Mae’s ambition is to establish herself as a renowned singer & songwriter on a national as well as an international base.

Anna Mae is a truly self-made woman who wants her music to eliminate borders, to lend a voice to all those who remain unheard, to message that it’s high time to listen to mother earth and find our way back home. With a high level of motivation, strength and perseverance Anna Mae is convinced of the fact that she, sooner or later, will succeed in reaching her goals.

“Never stop doing what you love, as this will heal the world.” – Anna Mae