Rebecca Richards

Classically trained pianist and singer songwriter from Pontypool in South Wales, Rebecca Richards is making a name for herself with her gorgeous chord progressions, melody creation and beautiful vocals. Her songs have been described as uplifting and empowering whilst maintaining a bittersweet edge. Her love of music is heavily steeped in country with a sprinkling of blues, rock and folk. Major influences include The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Glen Campbell and Blackberry Smoke. Rebecca was thrilled to play The Cavern Club, Liverpool in Feb 2024 as part of the BCMA Awards showcase session. Other venues include The Camden Club, London, South Wales Country Music Festival, Newport and The Green Gathering, Chepstow. 

Rebecca’s songs have been played on the radio all over the world with her last single “New Yesterdays” reaching number 3 in the British and Irish Hotdisc Top 40 and number 12 in the European charts. In 2023 she was shortlisted for the Song Award for “I love it when you smile” and played live at the UK Country Music Awards ceremony in Donnington. Her latest release “The House” on 26th April 2024 made it to number 7 in the iTunes Country chart on release day. Rebecca says her favourite part of music creation is the connections she makes with others through her music.

“It is something really special when people tell you your song has resonated with their experiences and it has moved them,” she said.

“I Love It When You Smile” is one of the first songs Rebecca wrote, created during the pandemic as a country style song inspired by wanting to reach out to people she loved but couldn’t be with. Her signature harmonies and arrangements are beautifully on display in this uplifting and tender song. After meeting Lorraine and Michael Walklin at an open mic night, she was inspired by their story and wanted to help the charity they had set up in memory of their son, Matthew. 

Having completed his journey with cancer his lasting wish was to set up “Make a Smile Foundation” to help people raise a smile whilst going through treatment across South Wales. All proceeds from sales, streams and charitable donations will go towards “bringing smiles” to people in South Wales as they undergo cancer treatment.

In October 2023, Rebecca released the single “New Yesterdays”. She knows he’s no good, she says she’s going to leave but will she? Based on her conversations with so many people, Rebecca’s exceptional song writing tells the story of a broken relationship and the dream of creating new memories. Rebecca says, “Sometimes, it comes to a point where you have to admit it can go no further, especially when it’s unhealthy. I hope the song conveys the hope that it can be better, that you can make New Yesterdays”.

Produced by First Time Flyers’ Tim Prottey-Jones, Rebecca’s signature vocals and harmonies are the perfect match in this painful yet uplifting country song that will leave you wanting to find out what happens next.

If a song could be a hug (or “cwtch” if you’re from Wales), Rebecca’s April 2024 single would be it. The country power ballad is seared with emotion, from the warmth of the first piano chord through to the climactic lifting finish. It is a story of a family home, rebellion, acceptance and, above all, love. 

Rebecca loved collaborating with Stef Judd (Flatland Kings) at The Stable Studio, Norfolk to create a rich full Nashville-styled sound that would sit equally comfortably alongside any modern or traditional country playlist.