Gavin Sutherland



GAVIN SUTHERLAND and his brother Iain performed as the folk and rock music duo The Sutherland Brothers in the early 1970s. They joined with rock band Quiver to record and tour as Sutherland Brothers & Quiver and had a significant international hit with “”Arms Of Mary”” in 1976.

Their song ‘Sailing’ was a single for the brothers in 1972, and also featured as a track on the American version of their second album, ‘Lifeboat.’ It was subsequently covered by Rod Stewart who took the song to number one in 1975.

In recent years, Gavin thought it was time for a few new sounds and a bit of musical interaction, so he called a couple of pals and got the ball rolling.

John Wright, drummer with the band Gavin left school to join in the 60s, and Carl Damiano, a piano player from the States formed the nucleus of the band and, as things developed, they were joined by singers Debi Doss and Rachael Brown and horn player Alexander Jarvie. Gain played the guitars and bass and a few other instruments, including a little old Hohner accordion he found in a builder’s rubbish skip a few years ago.

The seeds of Gavin’s 2016 album “”A Curious Noise”” were sown a year earlier, while he was out and about doing a few gigs. With hotel room time on his hands, and plenty of courtesy note paper lying around, he began to scribble down rough ideas until he had enough raw material of an album in his suitcase.

When Gavin eventually got around to recording in the summer last year,cheap men’s watches he decided to do it all in mono, a sound he had loved since he first put a tanner in a big Wurlitzer jukebox, way back in his teens, and a sound he knew would suit what they were putting together.

Of the album’s final track, “”Endless Sky””, Gavin says, “”Star gazing on a clear night always brings out the ‘who, where, what, why, when’ in me. The song began life as an acoustic guitar based number, but when Carl put his piano on it the whole shape changed and it was pretty obvious that we should go with a piano, bass and drums thing, with maybe a few touches of guitar here and there, just to give it a little more colour. The voice was a first take job, then we added Rachael’s harmony to give the middle bits a bit of a lift. That’s about it.””

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