Richard Mulligan

> RICHARD MULLIGAN is a 57 year old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He has lived in Clontarf in Dublin for the last 30 years. He is married with four children and is a native of County Galway where he played for the under 16s football team.

One of Richard’s most vivid childhood memories is of coming down the stairs early one morning to have breakfast before heading off to school. His mother was in the kitchen busy baking the eggs and making the porridge. As usual, she had turned on the old Pilot radio to listen to the news, but this morning, instead of turning it off afterwards, she had left it playing and, as Richard ate breakfast, he was suddenly struck by this wonderful voice and brilliant music.

Richard hurried to the radio and turned up the volume to listen more intently and it was there and then that a lifelong love affair with music began. He was hooked – he had to find out more about this singer and his songs.

The singer was Elvis Presley and the song was ‘Wooden Heart””, still Richard’s favourite of all time. That morning, the voice of ‘The King’ brought new excitement into Richard’s young life and sparked a passion that would endure and introduce him to countless other singers and musical styles.

Richard’s life was to take different directions as he grew to adulthood, but he never stopped listening to and singing the songs of well-loved artists, past and present. Eventually he learned to play guitar and began to perform at house parties, nursing homes and other small gigs.

When Richard walked into the studio to record his album ‘I Never Met You’, he had no idea which songs, or how many, he would cover. The only plan was to record a few of his own songs and if they sounded okay, he might pluck up the courage to include them.

In the end, he chose to include four of his own original songs ‘Somewhere in Connemara’, ‘I Never Met You’, ‘Get Over You’ and ‘She Didn’t Leave Me Today’. The album is completed with favourites including ‘Four Country Roads’, ‘Kilkerrin My Hometown’, ‘Clayton Delaney’, ‘Tulsa Time’, ‘Wagon Wheel’ and ‘Your Cheatin’ Heart’.

Richard is proud of the album and tremendously grateful to the wonderufl people who helpd but it together. His hope, above all, is that it finds a response from those who listen to it – perhaps a song will bring a smile or a tear, or call up some cherished memory.

Richard is also a former international runner, being seven times Irish Champion in road, track and cross-country. He is also a world silver medallist in the Masters 10k and has represented Ireland in World and European Championships. Richard went to university in the US, having won an athletic scholarship to Providence College, Rhode Island.

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