Pete Mitchell

PETE MITCHELL, also known as “”Stratmaster”” is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, tutor and author.””

Pete has enjoyed a long musical career spanning over 40 years as an accomplished touring musician. He demonstrates his love of the blues guitar tradition in a unique musical blend that he calls “”Crossover Electric Blues/Country Rock””.

Pete has been passionate about the guitar since he first picked up the instrument at the age of 11. He started performing at just 15.

The development of Pete’s eclectic background, along with his prolific touring career, began in the 1970s in London when he was jamming with Muddy Waters and playing with his own band Special Brew.

In the 80s and 90s, he performed and traveled with Drive – his “”Rocking Boogie Blues Power Trio””, further developing his own love for and musical interpretation of the blues genre.

While the guitar work unites his songs, Pete’s experiences come across in the detail of his lyrics as well as in his recently published book, “”Outside Looking In””.

The book’s introduction reads like a sobering blues song: “”Life has its price and one way or another we will all have to pay for it. I take the view that a real musician is rarer still. He doesn’t play to survive – he survives to play. Fans love Mitchell for his candor, and his revealing memoir is no exception””.

Pete Mitchell has a lifetime of dedication to and respect for the history of blues, country and rock and roll. His autobiographical song “”Outside Looking In””, with the same title as his book, describes his metaphorical state of mind. Pete says, “”Every now and then I get the urge to write, followed by a burning desire to play


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