Rett Russell

RETT RUSSELL is a British country-influenced singer/songwriter and guitarist based in Oxfordshire.

Following a career playing in country rock and blues based bands in the North of England, Rett moved to Oxfordshire and in recent years has been writing, recording and performing across southern England.

‘The Road to Having Fun!’ is his first solo album. The 14 original songs draw on traditional and modern day country influences, as well as a wider range of contemporary music.

A strong believer in writing from personal experience, Rett’s songs embrace a variety of styles. Whilst often drawing on traditional Americana/country songwriting themes like road trips, drinking, love and heartbreak, they also relate to experiences closer at home in the UK and Europe. ‘Country Boy’, for example, is a wry take on the life as a British county music lover who has ‘never been to Nashville’, chronicling some of the more off-beat ‘language barriers’ between English and American culture. ‘Locked Down in Paradise’ tells the true story of a Scandinavian road trip, whilst the album’s title track ‘Road to Having Fun’ re-lives a camping adventure closer to home in North Wales!

‘The Road to Having Fun!’ was recorded at Appletree Studios in Buckinghamshire in the first half of 2015, with Rett singing and playing acoustic, electric rhythm and bass guitars, supplemented by Tony Collins on lead guitar, Phillip Goss on drums and percussion and Nancy Sawyer on backing vocals.

The album was engineered by Phillip Goss, produced by Phillip Goss and Rett Russell and is available on iTunes, Amazon and many other outlets including the Online Music Store.

In 2017, Rett began releasing new music. The first, “”She Got The Cowboy”” features UK piano playing legend Roy Young on honky tonk piano. Once described as “”the British Jerry Lee Lewis””, Roy played with everybody in the 50s and 60s from Chuck Berry and Cliff Richard to The Beatles, playing many shows with them in Hamburg before famously turning down Brian Epstein’s offer to join the band on their return to England to record their first album. Roy pursued his own successful solo career which ultimately saw him play with a veritable who’s who of musical talent including Jeff Beck, David Bowie and Eric Clapton.

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