Southern County

SOUTHERN COUNTY have been playing together since 2005 in and around the South West. It all started with a love for acoustic music especially in the country and bluegrass genres. Many instruments later and many an evening plugging away Southern County was formed. Influenced heavily by Alison Krauss and Union Station a similar sound was attained with a solid rhythm, subtle solos and smooth vocal harmony.

2009 has seen the release of their first unsigned album ‘Rush’ which has been well received and has airplay on The album is available from our Online Music Store.

Lead vocals are primarily handled by Carly Hurst, who also plays guitar. She who has a clear and distinctive country style. She has become the natural focal point of Southern County.

Carly was encouraged into musical life by playing guitar and singing harmonies with her sister. Soon she was singing in venues as a solo artist through out the South West. Inspired by artists such Faith Hill, Alison Krauss and Shania Twain she was unable to resist the temptation to step up to the challenge of singing close harmonies with Southern County.””

Dave Carrets’s versatility and musicianship is the backbone of Southern County. He plays guitar, double bass, mandolin and banjo. This passion for acoustic music and harmony is unmistakably seen in his performance. As well as a vast array of instruments, Dave has brought original material to the group in which you glimpse his humour.

Dave started playing when he was 16, replicating sounds such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. During his career he has played every genre of music in the club circuits in the north. To Dave Southern County is like a good cup of tea, relaxing and homely!

Life changed for Natasha Morse when she brought her first Alison Krauss album in the local music store. Out went the electric guitar and she went beating the streets to find her dobro. Tash loves nothing more than finding the next new song for the Southern County set. She manages to find material that suits the sound of Southern County.

Despite the guitar being her number one instrument Tash agreed to put down the guitar in exchanging for the bass and has never looked back. She also adds the third voice to Southern County.

The sweet fills and licks heard throughout Southern County’s music will probably be coming through one of John Wiliam’s beloved Ovations. John has been a life long friend of the band and was invited to join Southern County in 2005. His relaxed demeanor fits in well with the overall feel of the music. He can often be seen merrily playing and dancing away to himself fully engrossed in the music.

John has played within groups and also as a Replica Watches solo artist in and around Somerset. His influences include Neil Young and the Beatles.

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