Terry Robbins

Terry Robbins grew up in Eastern Alabama and remembers listening to The Grand Old Opry on a regular basis, especially while camped out on fishing trips when the sounds of fiddles and steel guitar competed with the sounds of crickets and owls on the riverbank. His mother taught him the three chords of The Wabash Cannonball on the guitar that she bought with money she made from picking cotton. 


Terry later discovered artists such as Merle Haggard and George Jones on the local AM radio stations and the eight-track tape player. He formed a cover band in the 80s and played for dances, county fairs, and fundraisers around the area. He retired from full time work in 2012 and started to see if he could write and produce traditional country music, and did so by producing three fiddle and steel CDs.

While attending The Smoky Mountain Song Writer Festival, Terry met Ira Braden at a co-write with bluegrass artist Jerry Salley. They quickly found they shared the same musicial interests and started writing songs either by phone or by email. Ira has probably written close to 3,000 songs, and is still going strong on projects with Terry as well as other artists. They you can enjoy the songs they wrote.