Mick J. Clark

Please let me introduce myself, my name is Mick J. Clark. I am a singer/songwriter on the Sonorus Record Label. I have been in the iTunes Singles Chart six times and the Album Chart once.

I made it into the official 64th Grammy Nominations for my Album ‘Causes’. I have over 1,000,000 Spotify Streams on my songs. In 2020 I reached No3 in the UK, and No2 in the USA iTunes Top 100 Rock Songs with my Global Warming song, ‘We Know It’s True’. This song is about how bad the older generation have treated this planet. There has been no respect given to this wonderful planet that we are so lucky to live on and all the mistakes and the mess that has been made is now being left to the young generation to deal with.

I have written over 60 songs and I am also played on many Radio Stations, BBC Surrey, BBC Sheffield etc.

I have now brought out my ‘Box Set Song Catalogue of 60 songs (plus 3 Christmas songs), Pop, Rock, Ballads, R&B, Dance, Latin and Country..

I have had ‘15’ videos accepted by Promo Stream.

My summer song, ‘Anuther Sunny Hulliday’ (why did I spell it like that?) which also has a fun ‘Dance Video’, with a ‘Parrot’ dancing to it on YouTube for the kids 🙂

Also my birthday song, ‘Blow Those Candles Out’, both have over 150,000 Spotify streams and my Christmas E.P. has over 300,000 Spotify streams on my three Christmas songs:

I am with Horus Music Distributors and Sentric music Publishers.

I had my first fictional book released in May 2018, called, ‘Message From A Star’, (the ‘Star’ that is in the sky) Pub by Austin Macauley, with great reviews from Kirkus and Blue Ink and 4/4 from Bookclub. On Audio as well. Set in Florida, it is a humorous tale of friendship between two old school friends who find themselves on the run from the Police and Drug Barons!!!

On Bullying,

The Croydon Education Dept put:

‘Me My Body And I‘ By Mick J. Clark

into all the Schools in Croydon, Surrey and Leethan Bartholomew of the National FGM Centre has accepted this song because FGM is mentioned in the song.

Empowering Song for Children’ against Self Harming and Bullying.

(And yes Life can be a Bully as well).

Using the ‘lyrics’ in Songs to influence and help children should be seriously looked at.

If you’ve been Bullied, you now need ‘a Voice’ picking you up, giving you back your confidence and self worth’ and getting you back thinking positive. Telling the child all the things ‘they need to hear’.

Empowering song, with Empowering words, to Empower the child, to ‘Ignore’ the Bully’.

Three years ago we went into the Schools with our Anti Smoking/Drugs song called,

You Don’t Look Cool by Teenagers. (Kids Telling Kids don’t Smoke/Drugs).

It was also backed by the Croydon Education Dept, Croydon and London Mayors and the Met Police. We went into schools with the Local Newspapers with our Banner and Song, which was sung by The Brit School.


Once again:

I am very proud of this Album called, ‘Causes’, which has six songs on it, about such important issues as:

‘Self Harming, Suicide, FGM, Bullying, Losing Control and Global Warming’.

‘Causes ‘ Album got to No 4 on iTunes Oct 6th2020 and got through to the 64th Grammy Nominations.

Lastly, life can be a ‘Bully’ as well, so never compromise on who you are, be who you are, enjoy who you are, and most of all, ‘be happy’.

In May 2021, I released the single “A Song Has Gotta Swing Like Sinatra”. The lyrics are made up of titles of Frank Sinatra songs.

My albums are on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube and Reverbnation.

Spotlight UK Artist interview – March 2021

In September 2022, Mick released the single “This Moment”. The duet is about saying goodbye, ending with the words ‘I loved you so’