Rusty Douch

RUSTY DOUCH has been in the music business since the 1960s, recording three singles with Polydor Records and then three singles with EMI on the Columbia label with his band The Foresters. He then moved into country music with his band The Wild Bunch.

Rusty still sings and also comperes country music weekends for Stagecoach Promotions. He has run the Pontins Country Music and Dance Week at Brean Sands in Somerset for many years as coordinator and compere.

Rusty’s album “”California Bound”” was inspired by the sixteen days that he spent in California with country music legend Patsy Montana in 1980. He sang on her show in San-Francisco. When writing the songs for the album, the memory of that time came back and inspired the title track.

The album is available from our Online Music Store and includes “”On The Outside Looking In””. The track was inspired by Rusty’s travels all over Britain and Europe where he noticed a difference in the welcome (or otherwise) that he received from local people in different places.

In 2011, Rusty released another collection of his own songs called “”Bluebird””. The album artwork features photographs of the North American Mountain Bluebird, and the bird’s song appears on the title track. The album is also available from our Online Music Store.

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