Vernon Stanbridge

Vernon Stanbridge lives in West London. He is a keen 12-string acoustic guitar player, singer and songwriter.

Vernon’s musical influences are wide and varied and include Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Burt Jansch and Graham Kendrick. He also likes a bit of classical music.

Over the years he has performed in clubs, cafes, churches, open mics and festivals, where his songs have gone down well and he has received many favourable reviews.

Vernon recorded a studio album of some of his songs with professional artists and producers called, “The Purple Road”. It is available to purchase from Amazon and iTunes. One of his songs was by a major UK publishing company, the Jubilate Music Group.

In April 2022, Vernon released the song “Suffolk Road”. He wrote it in a moment of nostalgia as he remembered travelling the old country roads of Suffolk and its coast where he was born and raised.

It was followed in June 2022 by “Martha’s Place”. The song takes a step back into history and is about the account of Martha in the Gospels and interpreted through contemporary eyes. Vernon’s son plays bass guitar on the song and his daughter provides backing vocals.