Lyle Oliver

Lyle Oliver is a singer-songwriter originally born in Scotland, now living in Thornbury Ontario. As a writer, Lyle attempts to write diverse meaningful songs that are strong lyrically, and full of relatable imagery whilst trying to create radio-friendly songs that are hookey and make one want to sing along.

Over the years, Lyle has had many career highlights and worked on various projects, most notably co-writing the Disney track ‘Notice Me’ with Mladen Alexander, which became the main song for the movie ‘Pixel Perfect’.

During 2022, Lyle focused on his solo music, and released 4 singles, namely ‘Dear John Letter,’ ‘Busch Party,’ ‘Let me In,’ and ‘Girl Out There’. He also released ‘Dandelions and Roses’ as a tribute to the late Don Everly. Lyle prides himself on “not being a cookie cutter” and hopes to create his own unique sound. Look for more Lyle Oliver music in 2023.

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