Joe D. Johnson

JOE D.JOHNSON was born in 1929 in Mark Tree, Arkansas, 50 miles from Memphis, Tennessee. Raised in a family of musicians he started early playing guitar and singing.

By the 1950’s he was playing in bands and started writing his own songs. By the end of the decade he had his own band, publishing company and record label.

Joe’s first release was his rockabilly version of Marvin Taylor’s “”Rattlesnake Daddy””. It was a hit. Over the next years he released 10 more songs, eight of them his own, all on 45’s.

His popularity grew, as did his record sales. “”Rattlesnake Daddy”” still appears on compilation CD’s, the most recent released by Warner Music in 2015.

Joe is 86 now and lives in Buckeye, Arizona where he and a couple of fellow musicians still jam every Thursday afternoon.

Joe has always dreamed about putting all his songs together on one record. His bass player at the jams took on the task and, after several months, Joe’s dream has come true.

It’s been 45 years since his last release and the days of the old 45’s are long gone, but Joe’s great rockabilly and traditional country and western is from an era of timeless music that will always have appeal.

Some of Joe’s traditional country and western titles are ballads: “”Beneath The Arizona Moon””, “”Don’t Leave Me Alone””, and “”Last Letter””. His contributions to rockabilly include “”Rattlesnake Daddy””, and “”T For Thelma””, delivering the hard-driving raw sound that made them top sellers.

For upbeat country and western songs there are “”Warehouse Of Love””, “”First After You””, “”So Good To Be Wanted””, “”Okie Blues””, and “”Women Make A Fool Out Of Me””. Joe then showed yet another side of his talent in his song “”Pancho Villa”” where he tells that legendary story in the rich Mariachi tradition.

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