Late By Twenty

A professional musician for 25+ years, David Priddle has played in wedding and party bands across the UK with no interest in songwriting. However, he would change cover songs to suit his own style and surround himself with the best possible local musicians. 

He became disillusioned with performing, sometimes 9/10 times a week and “retired” in late 2016 at the ripe age of 36. Instead, he took an office job and settled into a slower lifestyle. However, with a growing love ofnew country music, David caught the bug to listen and learn again. His wife, Laura Priddle, is a singer who still loves music, (she comes from a musical theatre loving family) and convinced David to start performing on a part time basis alongside her. David’s brother-in-law/studio owner suggested the two record something original.

Once David started writing, he couldn’t stop. It was like pulling the plug on his 25-year career while he revisited every rough song idea he’d ever had and ignored at the time. Eventually, he had 12 rough tracks recorded and suddenly found a love of fusing everything he had ever played in bands into one sound.

Sprinkling in country music that David and Laura were fond of was just what their sound needed to move forward. Now performing as Late By Twenty, David is back doing what he loves and writing all the music that’s ever been in my heart alongside his wife, life-long friends and family members.

Late By Twenty’s debut single, “Mystery Woman,” means a great deal after spending a life working as a gigging musician in the events and entertainment industry. The song takes inspiration from a 1992 single, Mr. Recordman by Ugly Kid Joe – originally a story about a young artist trying to strike a deal with the elusive record label man.

Late By Twenty decided to write a redemption story about asking a girl you haven’t even met, to love you and save you from impending bad decisions. Twangy banjos, tight drum and bass lines, uplifting electric guitar solos, percussive pianos and the perfect amount of cowbell complement a generous amount of vocal production to engage country hungry fans on “Mystery Woman”. It’s big, family friendly, and joyous to sing along to.

“I’ve played every type of music imaginable in the past. Jazz gigs to pure rock and everything in between. But I always kept country to one side – just for me,” David says.