Love Street

LOVE STREET is a five-piece band comprised of the following experienced musicians.

Jules Clark – lead vocals, keyboards, mandolins and bouzouki.
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Jules started singing along to his brother’s record collection from the age of 7, joining his band “”Steel City”” as keyboard player at the age of 13, playing pubs and clubs across the Midlands and North of England and Scotland. After working in Greece and Turkey, he formed the bands “”Percy Screams””, and the J.J.Clark Band.

Following a short stint in Europe, Jules returned to the UK to form a covers band which worked on cruise ships and the international hotel circuit, including a year in Beijing. He has also worked with London soul band “”Soul Traders””, RnB band “”80 Stone O Boogie””, covers band “”Crocodile Thong”” and funk outfit “”Dr.Funkenstein & The Chapel Of Soul””.

Cathleen “”Cat”” Leonard – fiddle, vocals

Cat was born in Watford to an Irish father and an American mother and started playing the violin at the age of 7.

Ten years later, she grew tired of playing classical music, having developed a stronger interest in horses, and stopped playing the violin just before she was due to take her grade 8 exam.

In September 2012, after a few false starts, Cat started to relearn the fiddle and agreed to play for Love Street.

Andy “”The Moose”” Borders – bass, backing vocals

Andy was brought up in North East Cheshire and gravitated towards playing the Blues, joining the Harpbreakers, a band which was at the forefront of the blues boom in Manchester. They were quickly recognised and became regulars at the majority of the blues festivals in the UK, both on their own and as the backing band for many a visiting Americian artist.

Following a stint with a Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute band, Andy moved to the Isle of Man where he played for several bands on the island, launched the “”Big Wheel Blues Festival”” and hosted a national radio show. On leaving the island and relocating to Cornwall, Andy played with a variety of bands including Wammajamma and Finding Adam

John Davies – guitar, vocals

John is a self-taught musician who picked up his first guitar at the age of 14 and was gigging less than a year later. Over the years, John has played everything from Abba to Aerosmith, Gershwin to Grand Funk Railroad, Webber to Whitesnake. He has developed a considerable knowledge of the guitar and regularly “”sets up”” friend’s guitars, either fret dressing, rewiring circuits or restoring old neglected guitars to former glory.

Soon after joining the band, John realised that the broad palette of tones required would mean having a guitar that could provide a wider than average tonal range. So, he set about building the “”blue guitar”” for the band which has become a bit of an icon.

Christopher Johnson – drums, vocals, percussion, piano, whistles, fiddle, banjo

Chris was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne and remains an incorrigible and frequently truculent Northerner. His first introduction to drumming came when hisfather bought him a drum kitas aform of therapy, after a childhood illness paralysed him for a year.

He joined various local bands and finally met Jules Clark when he became drummer for the J.J.Clark Band. Christopher left the band to pursue his fascination with the mysterious Orient, spending a year learning Japanese and ending up teaching English to Toyota Corporation managers and playing for the highly successfullocal band””Hakoiri Gaijin”” in Toyota City and Nagoya.

Love Street is named,notafter theDoors track, buta street inthe steel city of Sheffield,whereJulesbrother GregClarkused torehearse with the hopeto one day make the bigtimeinaband hewould nameafterthe street in question.

Fate was to take Greg away from Jules when Greg was only 37, leaving Jules to search for the right combination of players to form the band to be named in Greg’s memory. That finally occurred in the summer of 2013 when Love Street was born in far off Cornwall. Cat Leonard (fiddle) and Andy Borders (Bass) – both Cornwall residents – joined on the same day.

Andy had previously been the Bass player with leading Manchester blues band the Heartbreakers, Cat having a traditional Irish background. Jules tracked down his old friend and drummer Chris Johnson while in New York. Chris and Jules had played together in bands in the North East and also in Europe and China. John Davies (guitars) was based in London and had become known to Jules via a number of soul and funk bands.

Described by Andy Crane of BBC Radio Sheffield as “reminiscent of the Eagles”, the band have been compared to the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Lindisfarne, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin and even Elbow. Four out of the five have been lead vocalists in their own right with Cat having a beautiful lilting Irish voice that brings smoothness to these men of whiskey and rock.

All five also write and while each member introduces songs the end versions are the results of collaborations between the band and their award-winning producer George Shilling (Suede, Maddy Prior, Mike Oldfield, Stornaway). In keeping with their eclectic sound they had no hesitation in selecting Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in Wiltshire as the place to record their demo album “Both Sides of the Door” due for release December 2014. Mastering has to date been conducted by Ian Cooper at Metropolis (Bob Marley Exodus) and Greg Calibi – Sterling Sound New York (Paul Simon – Graceland).

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