This Is Country: Kelly Michelle & Pete Storm

KELLY MICHELLE has been singing country music and paying tribute to the first ladies of country since being a young girl. “”

She was a finalist for the UK Country Artist Of The Year Award in 2014, as well as a finalist for our Listeners’ Club Song Award for her cover of the Brenda Lee classic “”Losing You””.

PETE STORM has been a multi-award-winning Elvis tribute artist for many years and is known worldwide for his outstanding tribute to The King. Pete also has a love for country music and pays an amazing tribute to Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell and many more.

Pete and Kelly formed THIS IS COUNTRY in June 2012. The show is designed to keep traditional country music alive, and pay tribute to the original country music legends. Pete and Kelly pride themselves on their authentic sound, dress and passion for old time country music. As well as performing around the UK, they also entertained audiences in Canada in September 2015.

For all the details of forthcoming shows, please visit This Is Country’s website by clicking the link below.

This Is Country are writing their own album. They have retained their old-time country sound and true lyrics, but injected a contemporary feel. The first two tracks, “”Don’t Hurt Me”” and “”Blonde Whiskey Drinker”” were released at the end of 2015.

Kelly wrote “”Don’t Hurt Me”” in 1987, but she teamed up with Pete to change a few things, and it came back to life in December 2015.

“”Blonde Whiskey Drinker”” was written in June 2015 while Kelly was at a bingo hall sipping a glass of whiskey. The song is about a blonde woman who enjoys a whiskey. She does all the normal womanly things such as cooking, housework, and bringing up children, but the one thing on her mind is music.

Both tracks will be available to buy on iTunes from early 2016.

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