John Mclaughlin

JOHN McLAUGHLIN is from Co Antrim in Northern Ireland. Since his early teens, he has played lead guitar in country music bands and has accumulated many years of live performance experience across Ireland, UK and Europe.

In the past few years, John has discovered his songwriting talents. His song ‘Your Lovin’ Eyes’ was recorded by Eamon McCann.

On his website, John has set aside a Songwriting page to provide samples of his self-penned songs. They range from traditional country to country rock witha nod to the blues.

John would love to hear more of his music performed by others and invites recording artists on the lookout for fresh sounds to visit his website by clicking the link below.

John has recorded an album ‘The Fugitive’ which contains seven of his own songs and also some of his favourite traditional country songs. His musical influences include Merle Haggard, Alan Jackson, George Strait and, from Ireland, Declan Nerney and Mike Denver.

Outside his ongoing live band experience which occupies him most weekends, John does an occasional one-man show where he entertains at parties and weddings and performs a wide range of music to get people up and dancing. The accordion makes an appearance at his solo shows.

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