Imber- Dean

Imber-Dean are Terry Dean on lead vocals, rhythm and bass guitars, and El Imber on pedal steel and acoustic guitars. Terry is the songwriter/composer while El is also the producer, engineer and arranger.

Terry started his musical life in rock’n’roll bands and worked part time as a mens watches session musician/backing singer and as a dep in several well known bands in the 1960s. The agency Terry worked for asked him to sit in with a country band who were desperate for a bass player for a few nights as their regular bass player had broken his arm and they had three dates to go before the end of their contract when they could collect their fee!

Terry enjoyed his time with the country band, found he liked the music and within a few months had formed his own band Country Rain which later became the award-winning Haz Eliot With Feeling. Terry went on to form other bands including Apache and Country Shades.””

El Imber’s love of country music has been present for many years, first as a studio session guitarist and pedal steel player. He was a member of several well known British country bands including Country Shack. El is rated as one of the top British pedal steel players and has his own unique style and sound. He is also a record producer and engineer and has his own Imber Label.

Terry and El first met in Cornwall while working in the Cornish country clubs. They had played in the same band. An immediate “”musical bond”” was created and El and Terry decided to form The Misty Dream Band. The band was highly successful and travelled throughout the UK and Europe on The American County Show.

After 27 years of very little contact, El and Terry’s paths crossed again and they decided to get together and produce an album of original songs, called Paths performed in the musical vein of the old Misty Dream Band.

After so many years apart, both El and Terry thought it might be difficult to try and recapture the unique country sound they had so many years earlier, but after virtually a couple of days it was back!

In 2011, Imber-Dean released a mini album, “”For You””.The title track was co-written by El with Tammy Beal from Missouri. She has written hits for Amanda Nagurney and several other big name artists. The mini-album also includes the Imber-Dean hit “”Wistful Lady”” and “”Rhimber”” – the signature tune for The Misty Dream Band all those years ago.

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