Jason Callear

Jason Callear is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the UK offering a gritty eclectic fusion of Americana music in a wonderfully retro style.


Jason is from Staffordshire, at the very industrial heart of the United Kingdom and from the age of 6 has been creating his unique sound from a myriad of influences across the musical spectrum which hark back to the 1960’s and 70’s – Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles, Steely Dan, Eagles, Queen, Cream, Grand Funk Railroad, Free, Humble Pie and Mike Oldfield, Glen Campbell to name a few. During the 90’s Jason was enthused by Unplugged sessions from his favourite Seattle artists, a stripped back writing style he personally adopted.

Originally a guitarist with four classical grades in the bag, for 20 years Jason played drums for many acts and toured with Michael Bruce from The Alice Cooper Group twice in the UK in 2001/2 plus a special performance at The Whiskey a Go-Go on LA’s Sunset Strip.

A solo recording artist for 10 years, working with Inspire Music, Jason meticulously assembles many of the instruments and vocal parts augmented with the very best talent from his county on all his recordings ensuring that the presentation is perfected.

A little something fresh with a vintage edge from driving tunes to chilled ballads amidst dynamic proportion.

Jason is a storyteller and has a great story to tell. Buckle up!

Following the rebranding of his artistry and the re-release of his track ‘Brother’, Jason has grabbed the attention of the country music scene and is ready to release his follow up single ‘Fortunate Sons’. There is no doubt that this track will transport you back in time, rolling along the freeway at sunset, with a new 70’s vibe! ‘The guitar and piano snap together and are complimented wonderfully by the pedal steel licks’ accompanied by a simple, but powerful story.

“I had this hook rolling around in my head and threw it together quickly. I don’t mind saying that it’s another nod to times gone by and I needed a bubbling, snappy bass line, nobody better fit the bill than local Staffs session man Chris Cliff who I’d jammed with at a Fat Pigeon live streaming gig the same year. This is the archetypal, ‘getting the band back together after a few years of sobering up’ story that most musicians will undoubtedly experience! In the a very meaningful reunion of a magical collaboration at some point in their careers, a great show and an amazing audience“

Spotlight UK Artist interview: May 2023

In September 2023, Jason unveiled the eomotionally-charged Americana ballad “California Girl”. 

The song beautifully weaves a tale of love, loss, and redemption, taking listeners on an emotional journey through hauntingly poignant lyrics and captivating melodies. “California Girl” delves into the complexities of a relationship once cherished but ultimately torn apart. The song’s evocative verses recount the protagonist’s journey as they revisit memories and confront the ghosts of their past.

With heartfelt lyrics like “Guess we put that life behind us and I moved back out to Reno” and “By dawn I’m in the arms; Of my California girl” the song paints a vivid picture of nostalgia and longing, effortlessly immersing listeners in the emotions of the story. The twist in the tale ultimately in the admission ‘I might not ever change’ leaves the reunion in doubt and the writing is once again on the wall!

The soulful vocals paired with stirring instrumentals evoke a sense of melancholic reflection, making “California Girl” an unforgettable and deeply resonant musical experience. Jason’s release stands as a testament to a unique storytelling ability and artistry, making it a must-listen for fans of heartfelt ballads.

Jason says, “I love a story with a twist. This is a kind of classic break up – make up and just when you think it’s happy ever after, the bombshell drops! ‘I guess this is better now that I have so much more to lose’”.

In October 2023, Jason released “Train Rolls On” – his second solo album since releasing “Contrast” in 2016 to much acclaim. The ten tracks on the album include the singles “Fortunate Sons”, “Letter” and “California Girl”. “Train Rolls On” heralds a slightly different theme this time with his sound having drifted more towards a ‘gritty’ Americana fusion which seems to be gaining a wider online following.

As with the previous album, it took a while to assemble as Jason plays most of the main background instruments, but also features some of Staffordshire’s finest musicians including Chris Hillman on pedal steel, Katherine Ord on strings, Steve Tams and Marten Joustra on Keyboards, Chris Cliff on Bass (for the title track and “Fortunate Sons”), plus Scott Ralph.

In December 2023, Jason released a single version of “So Much Better Without You”, a powerful anthem addressing the perils of success in the performing arts. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of industry struggles, declaring, “So much better without you.” 

Metaphors of drowning decisions and fading horizons mirror the toll of fame. This song is a rallying cry, urging artists to break free from the trappings of success, rise above, and reclaim their narrative. It’s more than a song; it’s a resounding shout-out to fellow creatives, inviting them to redefine success and find strength in the journey to self-discovery and artistic liberation.