Kieran Lancini

Kieran Lancini won the prestigious Star Maker event in Australia in 2002 – the same competition that launched the careers of Keith Urban and Kaylee Bell. He has been based in the UK since 2006.

After throwing caution to the wind in May 2020 and releasing his first single in nearly two decades, Kieran admits he was not expecting the support it received. 

“The Reason” hit #2 in the UK and 
reacquainted Kieran to his Australian fans and media champions, resulting in a Top 20 position in the Australian iTunes Chart.

“I didn’t expect the reaction I ended up getting for The Reason – it kind of took
me by surprise”, he says. “I didn’t think anything of it when I placed it out there – I had been away for a long time, but the messages and support I got was overwhelming”.

It was due to this wonderful and unexpected feedback that Kieran realised there was interest in his music again – and that fans were keen to hear more.

Kieran says he started going through old boxes of demos and unearthed the song, “I Need You”, that he co-wrote with Nashville-based Aussie hit writer Phil Barton years earlier.

“Not having a follow up in mind, I dug deep into my old archive of songs I had from years ago that I wrote with Phil and I found this gem. I think it still resonates today as when we wrote it”, says Kieran.

Phil has been responsible for some of the biggest hits both in the US and Australia for artists including Lee Kernaghan, Sara Evans, The Buckleys and Lee Brice. “I Need You” is testament to the talented combination of Lancini and Barton that started years ago.

“I Need You” was released in October 2020 via all digital platforms.

In April 2021, Kieran released the single “Hail Mary”. He says, “I, like everyone else, was feeling quite low during the pandemic with the daily deaths rising, feeling completely helpless. I found myself trying to make sense of it all – searching really quite deep in myself to remain positive and see that light at the end of the tunnel. This is what this song is about – hope – and finding that inner strength which i call a ‘miracle’ to make it through and not being afraid to shout out to the universe that you need a bit of help”.