Interactive Murcia

INTERACTIVE MURCIA is an all-live trio who don’t use backing tracks. The three-piece line-up is based in Murcia, Spain, and composed of Geraldine Pointing and Colin and Ann Stevens.

Geraldine is the vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Interactive Murcia, bass player Colin provides the necessary strong but steady backing, and Ann on keyboards provides the more delicate final touches and percussion to create the band’s overall distinctive modern country sound.

Geraldine has been singing since a little girl and,Swiss Replica Watches as she grew up, she also started writing a few songs. Warwick University and nearby venues saw Geraldine as a regular performer, both as a solo act and as part of the duo Tipstaff. During the 1980’s she was the lead singer and rhythm guitarist in an Irish dance band called Music Folk which performed regularly throughout East London and had an extensive following. After a break to bring up a young family, Geraldine returned to the music scene spending some time in various cover bands. She then formed ‘The Geraldine Pointing Band’ in which she mainly performed her own distinctive melodic and lyrical compositions with the help of a strong band of backing musicians. The group performed at various venues in the Hertfordshire area and in London including Break for the Border, and received extremely positive feedback. In addition, Geraldine also used to perform regularly at residential and nursing homes before finally deciding to make the move to Spain.””

Colin was the rhythm guitarist in a couple of Birmingham groups, The Strangers and The Saracens in the 1960’s. These groups performed Shadows’ numbers and many of the sixties pop hits. He left the groups in the late 1960’s and did not play again publicly until he moved to Spain. 

Ann has no earlier group experience but learned to play the piano as a child. She joined Interactive Murcia to play ‘a few chords’ but it progressed from there and she now loves playing in the group and experiencing the satisfaction of seeing people really enjoying their music.

Interactive Murcia have been together for over ten years. Initially, they focused on being a function and local venue band performing covers of popular hits from the sixties to the present day. They had a great time doing so. 

However, at the beginning of 2011, Interactive Murcia decided to change direction completely and focus on writing and performing their own material, written by Geraldine and arranged collectively by the band. This led to an amazing positive response from YouTube and Facebook followers and radio listeners on stations all around the world. Alongside their own material they perform well known and much loved country and folk songs.

Interactive Murcia’s first album “”New Beginnings”” took eighteen months to complete. Nearly all the songs have a story to tell.

In March 2013, the band were delighted to win an Akademia Music Award in America for the Best Country Album. Ann Stevens said, “”It’s great to have a recognition like this for our music””.

In 2014, Interactive Murcia were thrilled to be voted into the final of our Listeners’ Club Song Award with their song A Woman’s Way.

Towards the end of 2015, Interactive Murcia completed their second album, “”From PastTo Present Perfect””. Tracks include “”Vintage”” which explores the retro fashion of the present day. It was voted into the final of our Listeners’ Club Song Award in 2015.

The follow-up, “”The McFarland Runners”” tells the true story of aCalifornianhigh school football coach, who gradually trains localrunnersto win thestate crosscountry championships.

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