Alexander’s Tin Star

Alexander’s Tin Star is a UK Country Artist from Dundee, Scotland. He is a solo artist who has been in many UK country bands over the years and has travelled up and down the country doing what he loves! He has been writing material for years and the album “Enjoy The Ride” includes lyrics that were written years ago and just made their way into songs over the last 2 years. 

Alexander’s Tin Star was originally just ‘Tin Star’, a band which he was in with his long time band partner Joe Ogilvie who co-wrote many of the songs from the album. Joe sadly passed away before the album was finished but wrote one final song for it ‘Life of the Rodeo’ which was one of his best songs. He started putting the album together just before the first lockdown and asked his son to produce the album (Alex Mills II from Room 6 Music / Something Borrowed Duo). He went to his son with lyrics and acoustic melodies, his son then added the bells and whistles and produced the album for him.

He has released 2 singles from the album so far along with music videos that can be found on his Facebook or Youtube page. There is a third music video for another song from the album ‘Thunder’. Alexander has said that this is his best work yet and is blown away with the feedback he’s received for the single releases so far.