Elvis Nash

Well let’s see…

I didn’t set out to become some famous country singer. It was later in life that my penchant for writing country music appeared, (at about the age of 26). I was living in Lake Tahoe at the time and met a guy named Tim Tierney. He seemed to capture an audience with just a guitar and vocals. We became friends and I started playing guitar. I’ve been hooked ever since. After a few years up there, I returned back to the Bay Area. 

I continued playing music, but really dove into music after moving again to Marin County. There I lived in a small place and studied music, (pretty much lived and breathed it). 

So fast forward to 2024. I keep singing and writing songs as well as watching bad NetFlix movies. But ”Cinderella Man ” teared me up, something about an underdog boxer does that to me.

Music is a part of my life.

So, even if I never get a hit, I’ll probably continue to write and play music. Being a country music songwriter is just ingrained into my life. So that’s pretty much, in a nut-shell about the music side of me.

There are a lot of stories in between the lines of this bio. The music sums them up pretty well.