Toni West

TONI WEST comes from Clock Face, a village in St Helens, Merseyside. She started singing in her teens with groups around the North West club circuit for a few years before becoming a solo artist performing mostly cover versions of a wide genre of music including popular country songs

Toni was in a band with Geoff Taggart in the early years and when she needed backing tracks, she went to him for help. Geoff and Jim Newcombe asked if she would record some of the songs they had written. They have had their music recorded by Rayburn Anthony, Hayden Thompson, Ben Hewitt, Carl Mann and Charlie Gracie. Toni asked Geoff if he would work with her on some of her ideas and he was happy to do so which started Toni on her journey into the country scene and the production of her album “”Lost in My Memories””.

Toni is really thrilled at the response. The album has been so well accepted by presenters and DJ’s around the world and she enjoys seeing the tracks included on their playlists. She has also been nominated in three categories in Academy of Western Artists Pure Country Awards.

Singing is Toni’s first love but she also has a “”claim to fame”” as a background artist on Coronation Street where she is usually seen eating a bacon buttie in Roy’s Rolls, downing a glass of wine in the Rovers Return or just walking down the famous cobbles.

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