Erwin Griemink

Dutch artist ERWIN GRIEMINK started out in the music business about 25 years ago, doing solo performances with songs by his heroes Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. He still performs some of their songs today.

ERWIN GRIEMINK was asked to join a rock-band and sang songs by artists including Bon Jovi and Queen. The “”party-rock band”” was reasonably successful in The Netherlands.

Erwin also started writing lyrics and, after learning to play the guitar, began writing music too.

During the same period, Erwin teamed up with a friend (also named Erwin) and formed the new country duo “Doubleback”.

Doubleback performed a lot of gigs, but still playing covers.

Presley and Cash never were forgotten, but they also played songs that were a bit more country-rock

Among these were songs originally recorded by artists including Travis Tritt, Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson.

Erwin was then asked to sing in a band that had about 80 gigs a year. This lasted for 8 years and country music formed a major part of the show.

After those years, Erwin teamed up with his old buddy Erwin again to start writing songs for an album. Erwin wrote the lyrics and melody – his friend worked on the arragenements.

They are currently working on a new country album and are busy forming a band to be able to perform live, in addition to Erwin’s solo performances and their collaborations as a duo.

In 2011, Erwin wrote, recorded and released a Christmas song “”Christmas Is The Best Time Of The Year””.

The song was successful in his native Holland, with the video shown several times on Dutch TV. Erwin released the song internationally for Christmas 2012. Click here to download it from iTunes

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