Keith Wadge

KEITH WADGE lives near Leyland in Lancashire. He is a former special needs teacher having spent his working life teaching near Accrington. Upon retirement, Keith took up songwriting again after a long time.

In the summer of 2019, Keith released the song ‘My Hebridean Home’. It was written after a holiday on the Outer Hebrides where Keith met an American chap looking into his ancestral ties on the Isle of Lewis. At the time he thought nothing of it until he got home and the idea for the song came to him.

In its simplest form, ‘My Hebridean Home’ tells a story of a journey anyone makes when either researching the internet for family history, or in this case, a trip to find things out about one’s heritage on the ground. The song is also written to make it seem like the man Keith met is on some kind of personal pilgrimage to seek out who he is, as if it’s some kind of spiritual thing.The story line also tells of emigration to the US for those seeking a better life for themselves at some time in the past.

Keith says, “”I suppose there are political considerations as well that play to the Right and Left of American politics in the song. In particular the notion of ‘The American Dream’, but also the fact that President Trump’s family were from The Isle of Lewis and emigrated to the US and yet his treatment of immigrant children is open to question. These are purely observations and a song, like any work of art, can mean different things to different people.””

The song was recorded with vocals performed by Nashville-based singer-songwriter Kyle Elliott.

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