Keith Wadge

Keith Wadge lives near Leyland in Lancashire. He is a former special needs teacher having spent his working life teaching near Accrington. Upon retirement, Keith took up songwriting again after a long time.
Keith wrote a song some time ago called ‘Hebridean Home’ which was featured on It was recorded in Nashville as a demo and fashioned in an Appalachian folk manner and was about Scottish emigration to the USA.
‘Irish Whiskey’ was also written and recorded as a demo. It’s a fusion between US and Irish country music, or at least an attempt. The Celtic beat is what drives the song forward in what really is a fun song and perhaps a celebration of a certain newly elected American President given his Irish ancestry. Also mentioned in the lyrics are two great Irish exports namely Irish whiskey and Riverdance. The whiskey element provided the storyline as a number of US country songs have been written about Tennessee whiskey.
The idea for the song really came about from watching Riverdance in China where musicians from the Irish dance band met up with Chinese musicians, playing their traditional Chinese instruments, on stage. What followed was a fusion of music that was truly brilliant.